Try Something New: Las Vegas

We had all our things in order. We were going to Australia and we were as prepared as we could be before leaving. Before we made our way to Australia we had one last thing we wanted to do before we left North America for a year – Las Vegas.

During our planning stage we quickly found out we were going to have to go through LA for a connecting flight. Hayley and I have been into music festivals for quite some time and always had an eye on Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas. This was our opportunity. We had to go near it anyway, so why not stop there on our way to Australia? So we bought our tickets and vowed not to lose all our travel money before even reaching our destination. In the end it helped us save money because we got the partying out of our system before Australia (alcohol is expensive here).

We landed on Wednesday and the festival was Friday-Monday over night. We had 2 days before the festival and 2 days after to explore what we wanted and actually have some energy to do it. Our days pretty much looked like this:

Wednesday: Land in LV from Ottawa and find our way to the MGM Grand where we’d spend the next 5 nights. Quickly realize the hotel is huge. Find the nearest liquor store and begin drinking. Spent the night walking up and down the strip checking out the hotels.

Thursday: Check out the pool and relax during the day at MGM. Vegas is incredibly hot and you can’t really do much during the day other than lay around. In the afternoon we went to a shooting range where I shot my first 3 guns. Hayley ends up having the best aim out of our group of 4. Don’t make Hayley angry. We try to make it out to an event at Cosmopolitan only to find out that event was last year (2014)… Oops. Continue drinking on the strip and gambling a little.

Friday-Monday: Friday during the day we head to Tao pool party with DJ Carnage at the venetian to get excited for the festival starting that night. The festival ends up running from 7pm-5am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Now the festival was AMAZING and we saw tons of great shows. The first night it took us 4 hours to walk around and see all the stages. Seriously this festival is massive. I’ve posted some videos on Facebook and Instagram from the trip. Debating making a media page to upload pictures and videos so may upload them there later! During the day we… Slept. Followed by eating and immediately getting ready and drinking. Fastward to Monday. Monday is simply a struggle of a day. We wake up at 4pm hungover and starving. This is going to take a while to get back to normal. Weird thing about hotels in Vegas – you can’t really sleep more than 8 hours in a day. Its impossible… I assume its the air they pump into it. In the afternoon we do a zipline on top of a hotel to get our energy back up. Then we manage to make it to the Venetian again Monday night to see Jack Ü at their pool club. Unreal night.

Tuesday: It’s our last full day in Vegas and we are checking out of MGM to move to the Bellagio. You have to take at least one night to pretend to be a baller right? By the time we get into the Bellagio full blown post festival depression has kicked in. We use the rest of our day to see the rest of the strip and at night head over to “The Highroller” to get a view of the strip on top of the biggest ferris wheel in the world. We sleep like babies knowing we did Las Vegas as best as we could.

Wednesday: Check out day. It’s time to get on our way to Australia!

Our time in Las Vegas was so amazing we are going back again this year for the festival. In total I spent about $2000 CAD between the festival tickets, hotels, drinks and food. It was definitely worth it. Good news – we didn’t gamble away our travel funds either! This meant more time to spend not working in Australia.

I would definitely recommend people go to Las Vegas at least once for the experience. You will see some crazy looking people, have a great time, and create unforgettable memories. That is for what you remember. So what are you waiting for?

Go try something new. 


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Justin Benoit

A Canadian guy just trying new things.

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