Simple, yet hard.

I’m currently reading the book “The Obstacle Is The Way” by Ryan Holiday. I’m only 37% of the way according to my e-reader, but right at the start an important topic comes up when dealing with anything in life. Simple and difficult are different than easy and hard. Something can be simple in theory, yet hard when it comes down to actually doing it. A perfect example that almost everyone has dealt with is trying to get into at least decent physical shape. The theory of succeeding is quite simple – don’t eat like shit and get some damn exercise – but actually implementing and following those steps prove to be harder than we thought.

Any obstacle in our lives can be tackled if we take the time to really look at it, make a plan of some sort, then put that plan into action. Identifying the proper plan to overcome the obstacle can be either simple or difficult/complex. Usually the solution itself is quite simple. It is the implementation or following through on the action that we have problems sticking with. Are you in debt? Well, the solution is quite simple really… make and save more money than you currently are. See – not that hard to find the solution. How do we make more money or cut down our spending? That’s a fair bit harder for people to determine.

Just because something is hard to do doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. If you are really serious about anything chances are you will find a way to make it happen regardless of how hard it is. The fact that it may be hard doesn’t matter. Although, finding a way to go about tackling those tasks and finding your solution can make life a whole lot easier. This book has really started to open my eyes to how easy something really is when in our minds it can seem almost impossible to overcome. I recommend anyone read this book to gain a new perspective on how to go about doing things. I haven’t finished the book yet as noted, but I’ve already learnt so much.

Step up to life. Learn how to tackle issues. Make your dreams a reality. Books will empower you with knowledge to take control.

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