Should I Tell Everyone It’s My Friend’s Birthday?

People have their own preference when it comes to their birthday. Some like to have a birthday week, celebrating every day and letting the world know they’re getting older. Others like to keep it low-key and enjoy the day with their closest friends and family.

When you don’t know someone very well you might wonder if you should wish them a Happy Birthday in front of everyone or give your wishes quietly. I decided to ask my Instagram followers what they prefer.

Question: “Would you rather everyone know your birthday and yell it in front of everyone OR keep it on the down low and hope for quiet birthday wishes?”


Total Views: 252

Total Votes: 89

  • Yell it. Give me attention: 28 (31%)
  • Thank you, but shh.: 61 (69%)

As you can see, the majority of people are thankful for the birthday wishes but hope you do it quietly. Before you make a big deal of someone’s birthday, it may be worth telling them quietly first! Or if you’re like others, this gives you a better reason to be loud about it and embarrass them. In the end, who doesn’t like birthday wishes.

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