If You Won The Lottery, Would You Share The Wealth?

I believe everyone plays a game in their head of what they would do if they won the lottery. What would people buy? Would it be cars, houses, toys, clothes, something for others? The biggest question I wonder about others is if they’ll share with everyone or if they would limit it to themselves and family.

When someone wins the lottery there are stories of long-lost relatives magically popping up with sob stories to get their hands on some of the winnings. Some people do need the money, while others are just doing it to get their chance at free money.

I decided to ask my Instagram followers what they would do in this situation.

Question: “You win 10 million in the lottery. Do you share it with others/donate OR keep it to yourself (including family)?”


Total Views: 251

Total Votes: 86

  • Spread the wealth: 29 (34%)
  • I won. Me & family it is: 57 (66%)

About two-thirds of people voted to keep the money to themselves and their family. One-third of people said they would spread the wealth with others. In this question, I tried to make it harder to decide if someone would share the money or not by keeping the winnings smaller in lottery terms. So if you know someone who won the lottery, chances are if you’re not related to them you won’t be getting much of their winnings.

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