Rain Or Snow?

As a Canadian, we have to deal with varying temperatures and weather conditions. In Spring and Fall, we have cold rainy days that we wish we didn’t have to deal with. In Spring we will mention that the rainy weather is better than the snowy months we just had to deal with. In Fall we mention that we’d rather have snow since we don’t get soaked even though it’s a little colder. As you can tell, we have quite the predicament living here.

I decided to ask my Instagram followers what they would rather.

Question: “Would you rather it be 10°C and raining OR -10°C and snowing?”


Total Views: 264

Total Votes: 110

  • Rain: 59 (54%)
  • Snow: 51 (46%)

This one was a close vote. I understand the people that would rather snow since they are most likely skiers or snowboarders. Snow is also fluffy and doesn’t completely soak you when you’re outside in it. But if there’s snow it’s also quite cold, and it seems most people would rather have that little bit of warmth with rain instead of baring the cold weather.

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