Do You Think Diets Are Worth It?

Diets, or just food ideologies in general, seem to be a big topic among people. While some diet and train to look their best, others just wish they could eat whatever they want and not have to worry about their body changing. Unfortunately, our metabolism can’t stay the same as an 18-year-old forever, as much as we wish they could.

I wanted to find out if others thought watching what you eat in order to look fit is worth it, so I decided to ask my Instagram followers.

Question: “Would you rather be able to eat a lot and stay the same size OR watch what you eat and be really fit?”


Total Views: 274

Total Votes: 104

  • Eat all the food: 71 (68%)
  • I’m a Greek God(ess): 33 (32%)

It seems people would rather eat all the food they want instead of having to watch what they eat. Unfortunately, that isn’t possible forever. Others have to watch what they eat just to be able to maintain the size they are now. But if you gave them the opportunity, they would eat as much as they could if they would stay the same size instead of watching what they eat to become really fit. In the end, it doesn’t seem people think dieting to look really fit would be worth it.

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