Live In The City Or Live In The Country?

When people begin looking for homes they quickly realize there are a bunch of decisions to be made. One of those decisions is trying to determine if they want to live in the city or in the country. When they look at their budget, it doesn’t take long to realize what they get in the city and in the country is quite different.

In the city, people tend to have a smaller place but are around other amenities such as restaurants, stores, and bus stations. In the country, people tend to have a larger property but may have to drive farther to get to those same amenities.

I decided to ask my Instagram followers what they would prefer.

Question: “Would you rather live in the country with lots of land but a longer drive into the city OR a smaller place but right in the city?”


Total Views: 238

Total Votes: 100

  • Country Livin’: 68 (68%)
  • City Slicker: 32 (32%)

Although being near amenities is nice, it seems a majority of people would rather have more space. Something tells me that when they inevitably forget that one thing for dinner, they might wish they lived closer to the city.

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