How Many People Make Their Bed In The Morning?

Making the bed can be a part of many morning routines. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson recommends making your bed as one of the easiest things to start doing to take control and implement order into your life. Others have noted feeling better about having a made bed and I agree. When I started making my bed I felt noticeably better going into my room at the end of the day. Something about having a made bed makes it the room feel cleaner and more organized.

I decided to ask my Instagram followers if they also follow this routine.

Question: “Do you make your bed every morning?”


Total Views: 259

Total Votes: 132

  • Yes: 49 (37.1%)
  • No: 83 (62.9%)

A majority of people do NOT include making their bed as part of their morning routine. My mom tried to get me to do it for the longest time, but I only started doing it a few months ago. If you don’t make your bed in the morning, don’t feel bad, you aren’t the only one.

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