Is It Too Early To Put Christmas Decorations Up?

Halloween has come and gone. We have moved on from October and move into November. The next big holiday is Christmas (I’m sorry Americans, Thanksgiving has already passed for us Canadians). There always seems to be a bit of an awkward period where people aren’t sure when they should put their Christmas decorations up.

Personally, I like to see decorations put up as soon as we are done with Halloween. Yet I also understand that some people like to wait until Remembrance Day has passed. Regardless, I decided to ask my Instagram followers what they think on November 1st.

Question: “Is it too early to put Christmas decorations up?”


Total Views: 223

Total Votes: 99

  • Yes: 58 (58.6%)
  • No: 41 (41.4%)

This vote was quite close. A majority of people think November 1st is too early to put Christmas decorations up. I’m with the other 41 people who think it’s not too early though. I love the Christmas season and everything that comes with it. So, if you like to abide by what the majority of people would do, don’t put your decorations up right after Halloween.

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