Is The Ability To Walk More Desirable Than The Ability To Hear?

As I play with ideas in my mind, one that frequently arises is the thought of if one sense is more valuable than another. Psychologically people actually tend to overthink how bad it would be to lose a sense than it actually would be. People think only about what they are losing, but don’t recognize everything else in their life they still have going on to make them happy.

Regardless, I was curious as to what people thought would be more important to them when they reach an older age. I decided to reach out to my Instagram followers and see what their responses would be.

Question: “You’re 80. Would you rather lose your ability to walk OR lose your ability to hear?”


Total Views: 257

Total Votes: 97

  • Wheelchair Me: 52 (53.6%)
  • Tired of hearing you: 45 (46.4%)

I found these results surprising. I figure that once you reach an older age you typically have family around to support you when you become less mobile. You can still move in a wheelchair, but not as easily as before. The results do support this idea, but the number of people who would rather lose their hearing caught me off guard. I suppose people are already sick of having to listen to things around them are saying. That may be different when you miss the little details of hearing the birds chirping, wind in the trees, or even the laugh of a loved one.

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