What Would You Choose To Be: A One-Eyed Cyclops Or Have Two Noses?

Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me. Some questions have a purpose behind them and others, well, don’t have any purpose at all. For some reason, the idea of mutations came to mind. Some people have fewer limbs than others for a variety of reasons, while others have more body parts than usual such as toes or fingers. Then the idea of less common mutations, or even ones unheard of, caught my attention.

I wondered what people would prefer: To have one eye like a cyclops or to have to noses. I decided to ask my Instagram followers.

Question: “Would you rather have one eye in the middle of your head like a cyclops OR have two noses?”


Total Views: 269

Total Votes: 93

  • Univision: 52 (55.9%)
  • Ultimate smell: 41 (44.1%)

As you can see (likely with both eyes), people would prefer to have one eye over having two noses. I believe this is mostly because of the visual aspect of it. Looking at someone with one eye in the middle of their head might be a bit easier to grasp than if someone had two noses on their face. These sorts of polls are really fun to ask, I hope you enjoy thinking about what you would answer and seeing the responses.

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