Friendship is the Key

People always mention different things when asked about what makes a relationship work. You see the quotes on Facebook and Instagram with a picture related to whatever they’re mentioning.

“Couples who work out together stay together.”

“Couples who smoke together stay together.”

“Couples who watch cat videos together stay together.”

Ok… I made the last one up, but I’m sure it’s out there. Either way they always make me laugh. I find it pretty obvious couples who have the same interests and do things together tend to have a better chance at staying together.

That’s why I mention friendship as the key to a strong relationship. Sure, there are other elements, but there is a lot more than romance in a relationship. A strong friendship is a major key *DJ Khaled voice* in a successful relationship.

Do things together. Find someone with the same interests as you. Chances are, couples who do – insert activity – together are more likely to stay together.