My ideas on topics are constantly changing. I can never settle on one position for any substantial amount of time for a majority of things. It’s a continuous battle in my mind between both extremes and in the end neither position wins.

Jobs: I can never decide what I plan to do as a “career”. So many different things seem interesting. There are so many options it is overwhelming. One day I will want to be incredibly productive and pursue a career with passion. The next I will come to the conclusion I would be fine being lazy the rest of my life.

Money: First things first, I do agree with the statement money won’t make you happy. Truth be told it won’t make me sad either though. I don’t think money itself can make you happy, but it can enhance your freedom to do as you please – which could very easily lead to happiness. Again, one day money is important and deserves attention. Another day I will question what money even is, why it exists, and why it is even important to begin with.

Life decisions: For me it really comes down to two separate options. To travel or to settle down. I believe travel is the best way to grow as an individual, learn about yourself, other cultures, and have an appreciation for the world. On the other hand, starting to settle down at a younger age could have its own benefits as time goes on. Mortgages could be finished earlier, I could be younger when kids come along so I can keep up with them, and beginning a career early (If I can even choose one – see above…) gives more time to advance into higher positions.

Although these are main concerns, I have an issues making permanent decisions on just about anything. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has questioned at least the things listed above. Maybe a decision is never actually made, but the mindset we are in at specific times helps lead us blindly down a path we are unaware we are on – hopefully a good one.


Coming Home: The most confusing part of travel

So, what are you going to do now?

You’ve been travelling the world for more than a short period of time – more than 2 weeks. Not your “I’m going down south to drink until I black out every day and have a total of 2 sober hours” for a whole week type of trip. You had your fun and the experience of a lifetime. Coming back home could quite possibly be the most stressful time from the time you left.

While you’re out travelling no one really questions the details of your life. All that really matters is that you have enough money to live somewhere, eat, and see the things you want to see. Typical questions: What is the next place you plan on going to? Where do you want to go to eat? Do you want to go drink? Hey, want to go to the beach? Not exactly thought provoking questions.

On the other hand, once you get home the questions do a complete 180. What do you plan on doing career wise? When do you plan on getting a house? Are you guys getting married soon? Are you staying here for a while or do you plan on travelling again soon? I mean, Jesus Christ guys we just got home. Let us breathe a little bit. We’ve just been travelling for a year without even remotely thinking about these questions, let alone the answers to them. Although we don’t want to have to answer these questions typically we are fighting for the answer in our heads regardless.

Everything at home is the same… but different. I personally got back into the same job – same job, different people. Everybody is doing the same things, but at different places. People are following the typical steps; getting married, buying houses, or they’re going out every weekend just like before you left, and now… running around catching Pokemon. That doesn’t make us any different though. We come back home and fall right back into the routine of “everyday life”.

This routine is the hardest part for someone who has done a bit of travelling. You’re used to living day to day, deciding what you should do for that day or week, but definitely nothing longer. The plans change to much to even develop a plan- the true life of spontaneity. The problem becomes either trying to get back into the normal routine and be at peace with it or to just leave and travel again because it seems easier to leave.

Everybody battles internally with doubts of if we’re doing the right things. Is this the right job for me? Do I really want to be doing this? What do I like doing? Should I be going to travel and have fun or pursue a career to get ahead? I’m grateful that I’ve been able to experience what its like to travel and develop a sense of what else is possible in the world…

But to be completely honest, now that I’ve seen what the other options are… it makes the decision much harder.