Goodbye Kiss


Sometimes there happen to be events that make you appreciate things you took for granted. Things you never noticed you really cared about until you have a shift in your mindset. A friend recently had one of those major events that can change the way you think about anything. Someone this friend knew decided that they didn’t want to be here anymore. Mental illness won.

The passing of someone you know, especially related to mental illness, can have an effect on an incredibly large amount of people. Immediate family and friends would typically have the most to think about and the biggest shift in mindset. That shift then has an effect on those they interact with. It is a domino effect of shifting mindsets.

In my case these specific shifts normally make me realise how quickly anyone’s whole world can change.When it isn’t directly related to you suddenly sunny days seem much nicer, the grass seems greener, and normal everyday things mean the world to you. This time it’s a new found appreciation for the goodbye kiss. Every day whenever Hayley and I are leaving each other for work we always make sure to kiss each other goodbye. Or at least I make sure (I get mad at her if she doesn’t wake me up to give me a kiss goodbye at 6am).

Because in the end… you never know if that goodbye kiss will be the last one.